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I still dream of "TIL" at times: Truth in Love groups for those who want to bring their process together with fellowship without having a particular problem or need or religion and yet the PRINCIPLES of all religions and support groups are realized in these groups: 

The four R's begin with "RETURN-Reveal" the LIGHT, so the LIGHT can RESTORE you to the present, continually in the NOW, where your feelings and thoughts are RECONCILED to the light, so you can be REALIZED WHOLE in the Light:

I love this simplicity that was FORMED in me and I guess I want to share it continually even if I don't have anything else to share with others but this simple developed formula worked out in me by that same LIGHT: 

Jim and I are working in synch together and it is a system now: We have up and down times but the acceptance is there and so is the HOPE that things will continue to work together for good no matter what:  

sending out huggles for my friends and a big mmmmwaaah

Gods law, love, DESIRE and life are ONE